ur Church Renovations Part 2 have begun! 

The renovations in the front of the church have been completed! We now have a beautiful new door (with refurbished iron work from the old door), new decorative railings, refurbished granite steps, and a new concrete walkway.

We are now beginning the second part of Phase 1 of our renovation. This part moves us indoors. Work has begun on the Narthex and on the altar area with its two side rooms.

The Narthex has been emptied, the rug removed and the wooden floor leveled and prepared for the new tiles.


In the side rooms of the altar, the old ceilings have been taken down, making room for new ceilings.


And, for those of you who remember the cold days of last winter having to flush the toilets with water from a bucket because the bathroom pipes were frozen--beginnings of the moving of the pipes to avoid freezing in the future.

The roofer was very diligent, working late into the night before a predicted rain storm, to make sure the hole in the roof was repaired.


The back of the church received a new coat of stucco and a new paint job. Beautiful work!


Work on the altar and the narthex are also now underway. Everything had to be moved into the nave, and we are exiled to the Church Hall for Liturgy for a few weeks.


The altar steps have been redone and polished.

And the tile is now being laid in the Narthex.