Holy Trinity

Our Patron--The Most Holy Trinity

The Holy Patron and Name of the Church has an important significance. The Parish Family should try to emulate the special virtues of its Holy Patron. Our Parish is dedicated to the Most Holy Trinity. We celebrate our Parish Name Day on Pentecost Sunday, the day the Church sets aside to honor the Trinity.

The icon of the Holy Trinity reveals the special characteristics of the Trinity which the Parish needs to emulate. Unlike western representations of the Trinity, picturing the three persons of the Trinity as such, the Orthodox Church has settled on a symbolic representation of the Trinity through the story of the three angels who visit Abraham at the Oaks of Mamre. There are a number of reasons for choosing this symbolic representation: first of all, Orthodox icons never depict the Father, since, as St. John says, "No one has ever seen the Father" (John 1:18; 6:46); also, the depiction of the three persons of the Trinity does not indicate anything about their relationship either to one another or to creation.

The most famous icon of the Trinity is, of course, the one by St. Andre Rubelev. The intricacies of this icon help us to understand the characteristics of the Trinity which we should look to and emulate.